Bank Identification NumberBIN - Bank Identification Number  
IIN - Issuer Identification Number
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What is a BIN - IIN?
The BIN Number is the first 6 digits of the credit card number. This identifies the bank name, the type of card (credit or debit / MC or Visa) and the country of origin.

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BIN-IIN maintains an independent list of bank identification numbers [BIN] and issuer identification numbers [IIN] designed for use by the merchant.

Use the BIN database to find information like this:

              Type in the BIN#:
4053 01
USA - Country of issue
                  Visa CREDIT - Debit, Credit, Gold etc.
                  First Citizens Bank and Trust - Bank
                  888-323-4732 - Issuer Phone Number

The BIN-IIN Database has 51,747 total BIN Number entries
                                     87% with bank phone number.
                                     35,350 U.S. BIN Numbers

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BIN Images also available to help with BIN Identification.



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